Is your Job Search frustrating because it gets you no results?

Your Career & You

A Comprehensive 5 DAY WORKSHOP on the 4 keys to finding your next job

In consultation with the industry and understanding of the current market conditions we have identified 4 keys that are critically important in getting a job. “Your Career And You” workshop will help you master these 4 keys and get your desired Job

A comprehensive program including a 5-day online workshop followed by one to one coaching

5 Day Workshop

  • DAY 1: The Winning Attitude (2 hrs)
  • DAY 2: Positioning yourself - Impressive Presence (2 hrs)
  • DAY 3: Positioning yourself - Job search and Approach (2 hrs)
  • DAY 4: Interviewing Skills (2 hrs)
  • DAY 5: Communication Proficiency (4 hrs)

Post Workshop: Expert Advice

  • One-On-One session (60 mins)

Day 1

Topic: The Winning Attitude (2 hrs)

Date: 22nd Nov 2020
Time: 04:30 PM -06:30 PM
While hiring people, corporates pay a lot of emphasis on attitudes. For fresher's they can even become more important than the technical skills. Based on industry inputs we will assist you in the learning attitudes that lead to job offers.

  • - Get to know what attitudes corporates are looking for in candidate selection
  • - Understand the importance and the thought process behind this expectation
  • - Experience how these attitudes are assessed
  • - Learn about the different frameworks and the right approach to acquire these attitudes
  • - Take home an action learning plan to practice and inculcate these attitudes

Day 2

Positioning yourself

Date: 23rd Nov 2020
Time: 04:30 PM -06:30 PM
An exceptional profile along with the right approach is the key to be considered by Employers

Impressive Presence (2 hrs)

  • - Get to know the Recruiters perspective in Candidate selection
  • - Create an exceptional résumé that showcases your talent
  • - Learn how to build a noticeable & optimised Social Media presence
  • - Choose the right keywords to use and optimise your profile for suitability to the desired job
  • - Beat the Automated selection process with the right terms and information

Day 3

Positioning yourself

Date: 24th Nov 2020
Time: 04:30 PM -06:30 PM
An exceptional profile along with the right approach is the key to be considered by Employers

Job search and Approach (2 hrs)

  • - Build a search strategy and plan your job search approach to get result oriented solutions
  • - Build a funnel that creates a continuous supply of right job opportunities
  • - Tactics & tips to use different channels for job searches
  • - Techniques and tools to find companies and relevant contacts
  • - Expand your network and Increase your out reach
  • - Build an effective Communication plan that gives you a better chance to an offer

Day 4

Interviewing Skills (2 hrs)

Date: 25th Nov 2020
Time: 04:30 PM -06:30 PM

Your conduct during the interview would be the primary step towards your selection process.

And it is through your conduct that your skills and capabilities would be judged. By adapting some excellent presentation skills you can build a positive impression around your profile.

  • - Best practices to be followed during an interview process
  • - How to have a right mind set and use anxiety to your advantage
  • - How to optimise the first 30 seconds to create a memorable first impression
  • - How to identify the most common errors during an interview and how to avoid them
  • - How to cover the errors in case of a lapse.
  • - An insight to constructing answers to common interview questions and scenarios
  • - Gain practical tips to tell your story, and stand out
  • - Align your skills and experience to the job and opportunities
  • - Build a follow-up strategy and influence the decision
  • - How to carve a niche
  • - Mock interview and a one on one coaching session with Expert Advice

Day 5

Communication Proficiency (4 hrs)

Date: 26th Nov 2020
Time: 02:30 PM -06:30 PM

Communicating proficiently is the hallmark of generating a longstanding connection and an impactful impression that makes all the difference across your job search process.

While language is important, communication is more about being able to tell your story clearly and create an impact. It is not just about the content it is also about the situation and emotions related to it. This module will help you communicate and increase your chances of getting selected during the process

  • - Understand the difference between good and poor Communication
  • - Learn to accurately express your mind through your emotive and soft skills
  • - Effectively articulate your thoughts in words and express your story
  • - Become an excellent communicator by using the appropriate words, fillers and pauses effectively
  • - Know the common pitfalls and errors made during the process and learn some tips and techniques to overcome them
  • - Promote selection success by listening, acknowledging and closing communication loops

Post Workshop

Topic: Expert Advice - One-On-One session (60 mins)

Date: To be decided after the Workshop based on mutual discussion
Time: 60 Mins
Get focussed 60 mins session with our experts who will help you solve any challenges or problems that you are facing in your job search. They will help you translate the learning from the workshop into tangible actions directed towards finding a suitable job.

  • - Build an attitudinal correction plan customised to your needs
  • - Get guidance to explore career options best suited to your skills
  • - Fine tune your résumé and social profiles by getting it reviewed by our experts
  • - Get personalised inputs to refine your résumé and social profile with tips to increase recruiter visibility and achieve higher search rankings
  • - Create your personal job search strategy and action plan that works for you
  • - Take a mock interview with our experts to get interview feedback and essential communication tips to perform better

Our Speakers

This workshop will be facilitated virtually via Zoom Video
Required*: Video Camera, Mic and Zoom App

  • Date: 22nd - 26th Nov 2020
  • Time: 04:30 PM -06:30 PM
  • Price:INR 850/- Including GST
  • Venue: Online Workshop

Key Benefits

  • Inculcate attitudes that win job offers
  • Learn to position yourself and stand out of the crowd by making an impressive profile
  • Increase your profile visibility and rank higher in the search results.
  • Create a funnel that feeds your jobs that match your expectations
  • Improve your chances of an interview by using the right approach strategies
  • Win offers by bringing your best to an Interviews
  • Use effective communication to enhance your chances at each stage

Who Can Participate

  • Post Graduate Students
  • Graduate / Fresh out of College
  • Individuals on a Career Break
  • Job seekers looking to convert their search into a Job

5 DAYS WORKSHOP for 850/- Including GST

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