Prepare Yourself To Get A Job

With Good Coaching And Support - Everyone Can Work

People With Disability

  • Focus on what you can do
  • Foundation : Develop your business skills like learnability, business communication etc
  • Boost your Confidence with our “I Can” module
  • Learn job oriented skills and hit the ground running
  • Get interview-ready with techniques on resume writing, job search and giving interviews
  • 3 interview guarantee – Meet Corporates who can appreciate your capabilities
  • Transistion Coach – Get one month post joining support to ensure a smooth transition into your new job

Women on a career break

  • Focus on the skills that you already have and build on them
  • Prepare for the change by adding complex skills like conflict management, change management and expectation setting
  • “I Can” sessions will help you boost your confidence
  • Know what opportunities are there for you with job orientation session
  • Brush-up on job oriented skills in our vocational program of your choice
  • Make attractive resumes and write appealing cover letters
  • Build your online brand by creating professional social media profiles
  • Learn search and networking techniques in finding your desired job
  • Interview training and Mock interviews with industry experts
  • Guarantee of a min of 3 interview calls
  • Transition Coach to help you settle down in your new job

Non Graduates

  • Aquire skills that matter and get a job of your choice
  • Get trained on in-demand soft skills including business communication, learnability, problem solving and collaboration
  • Become Job-ready with our job specific skill development module
  • Learn skills required to perform the job successfully
  • Get on-the-job training with mock and live assignments
  • Get short term internships to test your job-readiness
  • Learn to write professional resumes in multiple formats
  • Build your social media brand by making expressive social profiles and effective networking
  • Prepare for interviews and learn to present yourself
  • Find jobs and pursue the right people to get interviews
  • Get a guaranteed minimum of 3 interviews to showcase your candidature

100% Interview Guarantee

4 Steps-Your Job Oriented Development Program

A comprehensive, job-driven skill development program with an interview guarantee

The Program

90 days and more

The 4-Step Program spans over 3 months and includes a combination of group sessions, individual coaching, home assignments and short term internships wherever required. The mode of training will include 5 days of intensive face to face coaching and weekly 2 hr assignment group discussion. On-the-job training as and when required. We understand that people learn at a different pace. if you require more time, we will spend that with you.Time allocation will vary based on your learning pace and type of job.

Foundation Program

Build Self Confidence

Communicate Effectively

Improve Problem Solving

Enhance Learnability

Teamwork & Collaboration

Computer Skills

Vocational Training & Assessment Benefits

Understand the job

Learn how to perform the job

Acquire job-related Technical Skills

Build job-related Soft Skills


On-the job training

Job Search Training & Assistance Benefits

Build Professional resumes

Enhance Social media Branding

Practice online assessment tests

Interview orientation

Mock interviews

Job search & application techniques

Post-hire Support

Get a coach for a month

Orientation to the new setup

Assistance in managing change

Expectation Setting

Garnering Employer support


You Are In Good Hands

Application Process

At end of each stage your progress will be assessed and feedback provided. Interview opportunities will only be provided to trainees who clear the assessments. You will have 5 attempts at clearing each assessment.

Step 1

Contact us using the Contact us form on website or email at or call us at +918390489633

Step 2

Take online assessment using the link shared with you

Step 3

Consultation call with Faliyaan counsellor

Step 4

Pay fees and enroll for the job oriented 4 step program

We Will Answer All Your Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The ‘4 Steps ‘is a comprehensive, job driven, skill development programme offered by Faliyaan which enhances your Job Worthiness in 4 steps.

  • Step 1: Foundation Programme
  • Step 2: Vocational Training & Assessment.
  • Step 3: Job Search Training & Assistance
  • Step 4: Post Hire Support

This programme is conducted for:

  • People having physical disability or hearing difficulties.
  • Women on a career break
  • Students who have not completed college.
  • The Foundation step will boost your self-confidence and critical skills like problem solving, business communication, learnability, collaboration and basic computer skills.
  • The vocational module will equip you with technical and soft skills for your respective job of choice.
  • The job search module will enable you to build a CV and social media profiles improving your on line presentability and equip with techniques to find job opportunities and handle interviews smoothly.
  • We guarantee a min of 3 interview calls.
  • The post joining support will include a coach who will guide you in settling down in the new job

This workshop is conducted for women who have been on a career break

People with hearing disability but can catch up with the programme using hearing aids.

Physical disability of not less than 30% since this requires you to travel to places where the workshop will be held. Later you would be required to travel at your designated job location.

This workshop will be conducted in a group at a suitable location which will be announced few days prior to the workshop date.

Few modules may be conducted online as well for the students benefit

The program conducted over 3 to 6 months based on your learning speed, is delivered via workshops, projects and online classroom sessions.

No, this programme does not offer you job guarantee.

We guarantee a minimum of 3 interviews calls.

Payments can be done by cash or online.

Registration link will be provided

Yes, you would be issued a certificate upon completion of the third step of the program subject to clearing the assessments.

Step 1 - Contact us using the Contact us form on website or email at or call us at 8390489633
Step 2 - Take online assessment using the link shared with you
Step 3 - Consultation call with Faliyaan counsellor
Step 4 - Pay fees and enroll for the job oriented 4 step program

We Help Both Candidates & Corporates

Your Complete Job-Oriented Skill Development Program