Build an Inclusive Force

Diversity Hiring Programs

Diversity is not just limited to gender, but also encompasses factors such as mental or physical disability, college dropouts, education background, ethnicity, race, religion, socio-economic status, sexual orientation and people returning back to work after a long break.

We also recognise that diversity is not a social service and strongly believe that inclusion is the key to building creative, agile and high-performing teams. Faliyaan’s hiring program will bring true diversity to your workplace while increasing the overall candidate pool available to you.

Faliyaan team will work with you to understand your hiring needs and diversity requirements. Wherever required, a capability building program for pre-hire or pre-joining training will be put in place to ensure that when the people join, they hit the ground running. Some programs may continue even after the joining to ensure smooth transition. Our objective is to ensure that your hiring via Faliyaan is productive and serves the interests for both corporates and candidates

Diversity-Inclusion Learning Programs

Inclusion is a key to building a creative and agile team. In the Industry 4.0 era inclusion and mitigation of unconscious bias is the only way to achieve organisation goal. We deliver a comprehensive training programs to promote diversity and inclusion within the organisation for different levels and need. These programs focus on unconscious bias, microaggressions and cross-cultural communications. They provide concrete and effective ways to respectfully engage with positive interaction without discriminating on factors such as mental or physical disability, education background, socio economic status, gender, age, race, ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation. Our Diversity Initiatives are highly customised single point or multiple point agenda programs.

Leadership Development Programs

We work with you to build, transform and enable effective leadership. We provide creative leadership programs and workshops for leadership enablement, culture setting, high performance and organisation building. Specific outcomes are customised with due diligence and research and delivered via principles of Design Thinking, Simplicity, Mindfulness and Kinesthetics. Our offerings are creative, build a road map for participants on effective leadership, introspection and skill acquisition. The programs and workshops are customised in alignment with organisation goals. Ideal for 1st time managers, Mid Management and Top Management.

Employee Engagement Programs

Our employee engagement programs are directed towards building enthusiasm and sustained engagement towards organisation vision. These programs provide emphasis on factors like culture building, work-life balance, conflict management, self-introspection, mindfulness, critical thinking, family enablement, stress and anger management, and communication. Our employee engagement initiatives are highly customised single theme based or multiple point engagement programs spread across a wider time period. They involve top level commitment and all-level participation with customised self-sustainable framework for effective execution.

Skill Development Programs

The vocation programs are skill development initiatives enabling the team to perform better at their job. We provide training on a wide range of fields like Recruitment, Payroll Specialist, HR Business Partnering, In-house training, Market Research, BFSI, IT, Sales etc. based on your need. The agenda of these programs is designed in collaboration with you and the training is delivered by industry experts.

We Help Both Candidates & Corporates

Your Complete Job-Oriented Skill Development Program