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Bridging the gap between Corporates and Education institutions

Corporates seem to hire students as freshers primarily based on the aptitude and attitude of the individual. Knowledge acquired during the academic sessions is considered important but not critical as the transfer of learning on the actual job is quite limited and, in some cases, mostly irrelevant. Since the focus is on aptitude and attitude it is important for the students to know how to present themselves and stand out of the crowd

Faliyaan’s student development programs aim to bridge the gap between academic learning and competencies – skill, knowledge and attitude required for the job. We focus on three areas of development

Behavioural skills

In the Industry 4.0 era behavioural skills are becoming more and more important when it comes to making a hiring decision. The general idea is that training people on behavioural skills takes more time and specialised effort than training for technical skills. For Freshers, behavioural skills take precedence over technical skills when hiring them. Faliyaan’s behavioural training programs are designed to nurture students and polish these skills allowing them a better chance of a successful interview. The skills have been selected after elaborate discussions and feedback from professions across industries. The program focusses on enabling the students to Build Self Confidence, Communicate Effectively, Improve Problem Solving, Enhance Learnability and improve Teamwork & Collaboration.

Vocational skills

Corporates love to have a candidate that can hit the job running. Someone who requires limited training and orientation before they can perform their role effectively. Faliyaan’s vocational program aim to bridge the gap of academic learning and role specific learning as desired by the corporate. These programs are built in coordination with the corporates and provide job specific technical and soft skills training to the student. Equipped with this knowledge and training the student stands a better chance of getting hired. We provide training on a wide range of fields like Recruitment, Payroll Specialist, HR Business Partnering, In-house training, Market Research, BFSI, IT, Sales etc based on the qualification and interest of the students.

Getting Hired skills

Finding a job is a process that requires skills apart form what the student has been trained upon. It is not enough to just be good; it is equally important to find an opportunity and showcase your capability and suitability to a job. Capable and highly competent students suffer due to the lack of job search and interviewing skills. Faliyaan’s Getting-Hired program provides concrete and effective ways for the student to effectively find jobs, connect with the right people, ace interviews and get hired. These programs provide emphasis on building resumes that sells their candidature, personal branding on social media, proactive job search, finding and engaging contacts within companies, ace interviews and salary negotiation skills. These skills allow them a much bigger chance of standing out of the crowd, get noticed and eventually hired.

We Help Both Candidates & Corporates

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